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Commercial Architect Portland OR

Innovative Commercial Design Services

At Nathan Good Architects, our innovative design services for commercial settings are at the heart of creating iconic spaces, stretching from the coffee culture of Seattle to the innovative hubs of San Diego. With a commitment to unique and personalized commercial architecture, we leverage our expertise in custom home design to create unique and comfortable commercial spaces that reflect our thoughtful architectural design approach perfectly tailored to each client’s needs.

Commercial Architect In Portland Or

Elevating Communities with Signature Architecture

Our portfolio showcases a wide range of commercial projects, each as a testament to our versatile expertise in design and ability to adapt to various commercial needs. Our architectural expertise is dedicated to creating not just buildings but also landmarks that capture the unique spirit and purpose that resonates with people and places.

Environmental Design Meets Commercial Architecture

Our approach to commercial architecture is deeply interwoven with our commitment to environmental design, a stance that’s earned us multiple LEED Platinum Certifications and top honors in sustainable design competitions. By marrying the natural environment with our innovative architectural designs, we work to create structures that are as responsible as they are remarkable, crafting spaces that are both energy-efficient and inviting.

Commercial Architect Near Me Portland Or

Extending Building-Smart Architecture Nationwide

While we are known for our work in the Pacific Northwest, our expertise in climate-responsive designs has led to opportunities to bring our design process outside the West Coast, including Alaska, Hawaii, Arkansas, and Mexico. Leveraging insights from leading building science experts, we ensure that our designs adapt to their specific locations while never compromising on our standards of functionality and aesthetic integrity.

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“Nathan Good Architects works well with other professionals because they have a broad understanding of all fields associated with building a home. They have great taste for all styles, even though they specialize in green architecture. It is their judgment, vision and wisdom that puts them apart from other architects with whom we have worked.”

— Commercial client in Oregon