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Winery Design

Innovative Winery Architecture

Rolling landscapes, beautiful vineyards, and a bottle of wine, what could be better? At Nathan Good Architects, we aim to enhance stunning views with a unique and memorable venue for you and your guests to enjoy.

Our mission is to elevate your vision, turning it into a captivating reality that complements the natural beauty of the surroundings while becoming a sought-out destination. With a passion for innovation and commitment to excellence, our dedicated design team is ready to transform your dreams into a captivating winery experience.

Let us craft a winery that showcases your brand in a sanctuary for wine enthusiasts. Elevate your winery experience, realize your dreams, and bring beauty to the functionality of wine-making and tasting.

Winery Design

Custom Winery Designs

Washington and Oregon, renowned for their prestigious wine regions, are home to countless prestigious wineries. Our track record of success in designing exceptional residential and commercial projects has led us to forge partnerships with many of these vineyards. Together, we’ve crafted distinctive designs and custom luxury spaces.

We understand the unique demands of winery design and have a proven history of designing for these challenging projects. Let us bring your winery vision to life, where the artistry of wine-making meets the artistry of architecture.

Andante Vineyard

Our collaboration with the winery owners involved a remarkable transformation of a simple pole barn structure into a dynamic and functional winery and tasting room, capturing the essence of wine country elegance. After the main building’s renovation, we conceptualized and integrated an expansive outdoor space as the heart of the outdoor wine-tasting experience – a place where friends and family can gather, revel in the breathtaking vistas, and savor live music performances amidst the vineyard.

This ambitious project unfolded in multiple phases, mirroring the winery’s growth in tandem with the growing demand for their award-winning wines. The facility we crafted features a comprehensive range of amenities and spaces meticulously designed to cater to the complete wine-making and tasting experience.

The centerpiece of the winery is the inviting tasting room, designed to offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere for visitors. For those who prefer an alfresco experience, there’s a covered outdoor tasting room where the sights and sounds of the vineyard can be fully appreciated. A wood-fired pizza oven and outdoor kitchen further enhance the possibilities, making this winery a destination that marries the art of winemaking with a lifestyle of leisure and enjoyment.

Willamette Valley Vineyards 

As one of Oregon’s largest wineries, Willamette Valley Vineyards sought to preserve its unique character while undergoing a significant transformation. Our mission encompassed renovating the private club room, enhancing the cozy tasting room, and creating an exclusive barrel room. We seamlessly expanded the estate to include an expansive outdoor tasting area, versatile event space and a luxurious bridal suite.

Our design approach focused on a harmonious blend of wood and leather elements to bring warmth and comfort to these spaces. The result is a winery that honors its heritage while offering a modern and inviting experience for guests. Willamette Valley Vineyards is now a comfortable fusion of tradition and innovation, where timeless elegance meets contemporary beauty.

Fairsing Vineyard

The owners of Fairsing Vineyard envisioned converting a bare hillside with breathtaking views into a vineyard surrounding their dream home. Their award-winning wine’s success led them to collaborate with Nathan Good Architects for a unique tasting room that celebrates both the wine and Irish heritage of the owners.

Designed in harmony with a seven-circuit circular labyrinth, the tasting room’s radial layout pays homage to the labyrinth’s historical significance. The concrete walls echo the ancient stone dwellings of Ireland, with reclaimed wood from exterior walls repurposed for interior cabinetry. The sod roof adds an earthy touch. Panoramic views encompass the Cascade Range to the east, the vineyards and Coast Range to the west, and the Van Duzer Corridor to the south. The labyrinth and its companion structure invite visitors to savor the finest wines in a stunning, spiritually inspired setting.

Award-Winning Vineyards

Our team has won design awards for our outstanding projects specializing in sustainability and energy efficiency. Fairsing vineyard was recognized as “one of the top ten wine destinations” of 2019 by Travel and Leisure Magazine and Willamette Valley Vineyards was awarded the Best Vineyard & Tasting Room Experience by Sunset Magazine Travel Awards.

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Trusted Excellence in Winery Design

Whether it is preserving the charm of a historic site or crafting a welcoming haven amidst picturesque landscapes for your guests to savor fine wine, our team at Nathan Good Architects stands ready to infuse innovation and inspiration into your upcoming design endeavor. With multiple winery and tasting room projects in our portfolio, we provide the skills and experience needed to efficiently transform your wine country dreams into reality.

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“Nathan Good Architects designed our LEED Platinum vineyard home. They also designed our winery, tasting room, and gardens. They have a unique design ability for excellent function in beautiful form. They utilized state-of-the-art green building techniques and encourage efficiency in overall design and the ongoing environmental impact.”

— Custom wine industry client in Oregon