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I have this house by the sea
A hidden abode where I can be
Alone with the music of rushing waves
Kept in this seashell that simply gave
Me a taste of evasive solitude
In a whispered sound… it was so good.

– Cynthia Buhain-Baello

Hug Point 1

Design for Integration: The Hug Point Residence was designed to connect the clients physically and emotionally to a unique setting along the coast of Oregon. The clients are visually connected to their setting along the ocean from every room within the home.

Design for Discovery: The clients have shared their delight with the interaction of a constantly changing environment: the weather, light, wildlife, and sea conditions. The home’s multiple decks and patios provide a variety of environments for outdoor living to witness the wonder of nature.

Design for Ecosystems: The Hug Point Residence connects the residents to a unique setting on the Oregon Coast with minimal disturbance to the site. Most of the surrounding trees were preserved to prevent erosion, provide protection from storms, and contribute to visual privacy. The climate-responsive design of the residence is intended to foster a union with the site and provide a durable and low-maintenance shelter for the inhabitants.

Design for Well-Being: Indoor air quality was an important design consideration for the Hug Point Residence. The building envelope was designed to prevent mold and mildew from forming. A heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system provides filtered fresh air and dehumidification. Cross ventilation with operable windows serves the home’s ventilation needs for most of the year. The occupant’s comfort is enhanced with indoor sunshades to reduce glare, a wood fireplace for seasonal warmth, an abundance of natural light, and the use of natural materials throughout the interior.

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