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Built in the small eco-sensitive beachfront community of Punto Chivato north of Mulege in Baja California, this artists’ home was designed with an open plan that provides year-round connectivity to the outdoors. Staggered roofs shade the home’s interior from direct sun while facilitating natural light and cross-ventilation. Design features include a partially covered sunroof over the master bedroom that affords outstanding views of the Sea of Cortez, a covered outdoor dining room, and an extensive trellis along the home’s south side.

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Termed a “Land Boat” by the owners, the off-grid residence generates 100 percent of its electricity through a rooftop solar electric system with a battery storage system. The Baja Residence withstood a direct hit from Category 4 Hurricane Jimena in 2009, the strongest hurricane to strike the Baja Peninsula. It was one of the few homes that survived without damage and remained fully operational in the aftermath.

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